Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diamond Necklaces and Leather Jackets

Probably the hottest couple ever. I wish Kate Moss still dressed like how she did back then. In my opinion, she's pretty much the pioneer for the simple 90's heroin chic fashion. It's a different kind of grundge, a much cooler one to the dirty look Lindsay Lohan/Taylor Momsen are selling today. Kate Moss still looks cool and grundge but she does it without the dark eye make-up and ripped stockings, she looks clean and fresh with her waif like appearence and scraggly hair. There's also a great contrast between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' looks which I really like. While she wears a diamond necklace, or a lovely dress he's wearing a leather jacket/looking like a hobo. I guess she brings something elegant and he brings something badass into the look. It just works really well and makes the other look seem that much cooler.

Their babies could have stopped wars. But Vanessa Paradis is pretty cute.